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                 Song  Movie  Singer  Actor  Playlist 

Picture   Writeup: coming soon
Artist Name   jani babu
By Category   10 as actor, 2 as singer, 3 as music_director

Number of matching movies = 15.

movie title year actor drct prod singer music lyrix
hamara desh 1940 Yes          
husn ka ghulam 1933 Yes          
jaan nissar 1934 Yes          
johar-e-shamsheer 1934 Yes          
jungle princess 1958 Yes          
kimiagar 1936 Yes          
mehendi 1947 Yes          
misar ka khazana 1935 Yes          
naqsh-e-sulemani 1933 Yes          
noor mahal 1965         Yes  
pyar 1940 Yes          
roti kapda aur makan 1974       Yes    
shankar shambhu 1976       Yes    
auliyae islam 1979         Yes  
market 2003         Yes  

Number of related playlists = 3
'jani babu' songs from selected playlists.

play view down playlist title song hits publisher playlist description
111 Bollango top15_1975
178 jayanta roy best of manoj kumar
872 Bollango binaca geetmala 1975

Number of related articles = 0

article title publisher posted views votes rating
none ...